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Each of us learn differently. And many of us have different goals. These are reasons why the PGA professionals at WMCC offer a wide variety of choices when it comes to golf learning.

Golf Learning at White Manor  

* Three Golf professionals, including one full-time teaching pro.  
* Clinics for juniors, for women, for beginners 
* Group Lessons for juniors, for beginners and novice golfers.  

* Private Lessons and Video for anyone serious about
developing a game.
* On-Course Education as a part of a member focused program
  designed to delvelop technique and lower scores.
* Video learning and at-home browser-based review of student
* Winter Lessons are available both at the Club, and in Florida
  for a limited time each year.
* All-season covered/heated driving range.  
* Major equipment manufacturers visit the club routinely; club 
  fitting and customization