It's official, White Manor is becoming a Platform Tennis (Paddle) club! This November the construction of two Paddle Courts will be complete. Paddle Tennis brings many benefits to White Manor including the opportunity for Inter-Club competition, socials, clinics along with the ability to be outdoors and active during the winter months!

What Is Platform/Paddle Tennis?

Platform tennis, also called paddle tennis, is a racquet sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is the only racquet sport that is played outdoors in cold weather. Paddle can be highly competitive or can be played purely for fun.

Paddle is best described as a miniature version of tennis. The court is a fourth of the size of a tennis court. Paddles are used to hit a spongy/solid ball and many of the rules found in tennis apply (including scoring). One big difference is that in paddle the wire enclosure that surrounds the courts allows a fast moving ball to bounce back to a player to continue the rally.