The course is open about nine months each year.

Spring at the Manor offers flowering trees and shrubs, wildlife ranging from fox to fawns, and the infinite pleasure of playing golf on-demand after a long, cold, dark, less-golf-than-we-want winter. Each spring, there are member kick-off events, tournaments welcoming newer members, and clinics. The practice facilities are in heavy use as most members work to refine their swings.

Summer offers the gentle pleasure of long soft days, with golf from very early until after sunset. Members enjoy a round, followed by a few drinks with friends or business associates and a fine meal. Holidays mark the start and end of the official summer season, but most know that summer is a state of mind, not bounded by man-made dates. Relax and enjoy...

The Fall season at the Manor is spectacular. The hills and valleys, awash with light and alive with dramatic colors, offer an amazingly different golf experience. You simply have to try it to believe it.

After the first hard freeze, the course closes each winter and does not reopen until the ground is warm enough to be maintained. Most years, the course reopens in March and is then available for play until it closes the next winter.

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